Decade Recap

What will 2030 bring me? I have no idea. My blog friend Lisa posted a decade recap, and I’ve been following her for probably 5 years and still learned some new things! So here I am copying her!

2010: I graduated from college, broke up with a hometown boyfriend, moved to the cities, and then moved to Duluth. I thought I was grown up, and oh I definitely wasn’t.

2011: Living in Duluth, work trip to Vegas (I haven’t been back since, but would like to) started dating someone and dipped a toe into cohabiting. Also the year I started the blog. 11/11/11

2012: I completed my first half marathon, quit my Duluth job, moved back in with my parents, stopped dating that person, and re-ignited my love of yoga.

2013: I became a marathoner and a certified yoga instructor. While the year before I ran my first half, and the year before that I ran a lot of 5ks, this was when I really embraced being active. I’ve lost that drive as the years go on, but I’m hoping that it comes back some day.

2014: This was a fun year! I was really enjoying being at home, working for my parents, and I had enough flexibility to do things. This was the year I did a triathlon, and was regularly working out twice a day between teaching yoga, my own swimming/running/biking workouts, and coaching dance.

2015: My parents retired, I was unemployed during the summer and networking as hard as I could. I wish I had waited and fought for a job in marketing, or at least marketing adjacent, but I didn’t, and life has taken me on quite the ride since then.

2016: I was in the thick of the MBA program, not loving my job, but also not sure what my next job should be. I loved living in St. Paul on Grand Avenue, and having the ability to walk and admire pretty houses.

2017: I completed the MBA program, briefly dated someone that taught me a good lesson about patience and appearances versus character.

2018: I didn’t write a year end recap, but the truth is 2016-2018 really blend together for me. The only distinction is when I bought my condo. I went on a lot of first dates, blogged about a few of them, and occasionally went on job interviews. At the end of the year I worked with a career coach who helped me re-write all of my job application materials and affirmed that my experiences and personality are valuable in the working world.

2019: I think I will write a year end recap, this year brought me a new job, and with that job I had enough budget cushion to buy a new car, and in non-monetary news, met a great guy.

What shifts have you experienced in the last decade?

Are there years you would like to pretend didn’t happen?

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  1. I’m glad you did a decade recap, too, because I learned some new things about you. Crazy that we’ve been reading each others blogs for almost 5 years now. Time flies! I am glad that this decade is ending on a high note for you – better job, done with grad school, new car, great guy. When I worked on my recap it reminded me how life just kind of ebbs and flows. There are good years and bad years, but if you grit your teeth and get through the tough ones, good things are probably around the corner.

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