2: Light

What a week! I had Friday off (which is today, and this is scheduled for my usual Sunday post). Monday I worked from home to help with Johnny, Tuesday I worked from the office, but then worked out, and then went to a wake for a friend’s Dad and then had a drink with a friend. Wednesday was work, work Christmas celebration (lunch/bowling/bocce) and then cooked dinner for friends. Thursday was finally just a regular work day with nothing else attached (other than the usual errands) and then today I didn’t sleep in, but worked out, made/froze soup (buffalo chicken noodle of course) and watched too many Christmas movies while packing.

The holiday season isn’t for everyone, and it can be hard to keep your head straight with all the hustle and bustle. So I think it is important to find the bright light moments. Savor the beauty you see, and not dwell in the darkness.

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Or waiting for them to be done already?

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  1. I was kind of 50/50 on being excited and being ready for it to be over. We had a really nice Christmas, especially Christmas Eve when we were with Phil’s cousins and their families. It felt really festive and fun. But I hate all the excess that comes with christmas – so many toys, gifts, calories, wrapping paper, etc. As minimalists, it’s kind of tough to look around at all the chaos at the end of the day. But all in all it was a wonderful holiday! I hope yours was, too!

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