3: Prepare

If you follow my facebook page you saw that I posted this picture there on Sunday morning. It has been on my mind for a few weeks that I shouldn’t self host anymore. I don’t really know what I’m doing in the background side of the blog, so instead of paying others to do it, I’m going back to my roots with wordpress.com. My domain hasn’t switched over quite yet, but I’m hoping to get things settled soon.

I have a lot of back and forth from “the cities” to Aitkin over the next couple weeks, but I think it will all be worth it. I haven’t scheduled seeing many friends yet, because in the last few months I have found that I really like just hanging at home when I’m home.

I am so thankful for my St. Paul friend who I met at an MN Community event a few years ago. We became neighborhood walk buddies, and while we have both moved from that neighborhood, I still think of those walks fondly.

So while this post is a bit disjointed, and I’m starting to see that maybe I can’t automatically push it to facebook or twitter anymore… Here’s hoping this is a good change, and I can learn how to blog in this world, a little bit cheaper, and technically simpler. I don’t plan on leaving the blogging world quite yet, but all of my social media use has been getting quieter and quieter. And I’m not really mad at it.


  1. Safe travels over the next few weeks! Hopefully we can connect in the New Year! I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait to hear about all of your holiday journeys and trip to Florida! 🙂

  2. Blog tech stuff totally intimidates me! Makes sense that you moved away from self hosting! I hope the transition is smooth. Your post showed up in my feed, though, so that is good! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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