4: Vacation

In the old blogging days I would have had multiple posts about my week in Florida. There would have been a picture of my non-thanksgiving dinner (we had steak) and a breakdown of walking on the beach, boating, and the travel to/from Orlando with possibly multiple posts about the Hard Rock Hotel and Universal Studios.

But….this is 2019 blogging. And while I want this corner of the internet to keep existing, I am trying to move it back to the WordPress.com world instead of self hosted (please, someone, help me with this).

I will say, that if you want to sleep as close to the Harry Potter Wizarding World, the Hard Rock Hotel is an awesome choice! But our trip wasn’t Harry Potter focused, we were there to visit Barney, and he thankfully still has his stage and multiple performances each day. We got there just in time for the meet and greet, and managed to take in 2 shows back to back. (with just enough time in between for a quick snack and bathroom break).

We did do the train from Universal to Islands of Adventure, and while it was cool…..it was a little underwhelming once you were onboard. I got another butterbeer, and with every visit I’m a few years old, and it gets a little too sugary for my liking, but the whipped topping/foam is still a thing of beauty.

We ended up being in the park from 10 am (1 hour after opening) to 5 pm (2 hours before closing) and while I could have gotten my full monies worth, I felt like we had accomplished enough to head out for the day.

I can’t think of the last time my family of 4 had a full week together without other friends/family visiting, I’m happy to say we all made it!

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  1. I’m glad that you had a fun getaway to Florida! A week can be a long time to be gone so I am glad it went for all of you. At least you missed out on some crappy winter weather and didn’t have to worry about the snow piling up at home since you live in a condo! The snow is really pretty and wintery but I would like a break until we sell our other house next week. My poor husband has had it with shovering 2 corner houses!

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