5: Thankful

Last weekend I went up to Duluth on Saturday, and got to revisit some old favorites, and try some new favorites. AND I happened to be traveling with someone who wanted to experience it all with me.

We started our adventure with lunch at Fitgers Brew Pub, which was just as good as I remembered. Then we checked out “new to me” Ursa Minor, and talked through some 2019 recaps and 2020 goals with the assistance of Year Compass.

After that we ventured to Bent Paddle since I hadn’t been to the new taproom yet (it was gorgeous). We checked into the Holiday Inn and decided against the hot tub, since there were hockey teams and basketball teams, and it was too many screaming children for two adults without children.

For our evening I knew I wanted to go to Bentleyville a little later. While Santa skydived in at 5 pm, they are open until 10 pm. Since we were still full from our lunch, we went to Vikre for an old fashioned, and finally a little before 9 decided we should probably find something to eat. We went to Old Chicago (not necessarily a Duluth-specific restaurant, but one that I really enjoy) and we had to hurry out to get over to Bentleyville. We made it in there with plenty of time….but once we had taken a picture of ourselves, and were maybe half way through the display….there was an announcement that the lights would be turning off in 1 minute. So…they really do follow that 10 pm closing idea.

The benefit to being the very last people to enter Bentleyville, is we were on our own, there were no distractions, and we saw all we needed to. It did make me think that maybe I need one more light display, maybe in the twin cities before Christmas.

This time last year I had no idea all that would have changed for me. And I really am thankful for all that has happened. I also know that not everyone can say that for the last 12 months. I have been there in previous years, and it increases my thankfulness for this year.

Do you have a favorite holiday light tradition?

What is your favorite restaurant in Duluth?


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I was looking at some photos of the display. We love Vikre and their amazing cocktails and cheese plates. Also ate at Old Chicago last time too:)

    1. I wish the twin cities Old Chicagos were closer to where I hang out, I really would go more often. It is definitely worth a trip if you’re in the mood for Duluth.

  2. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I have never been to Bentleyville but I bet I would love it as I love light displays. I’m looking forward to taking Paul to some bigger light displays, like at the Arboretum, but I think we will wait until he’s a little bit older and can understand the concept of Christmas. I point out lights to him on our drive home from daycare but I’m not sure how much he sees from his car seat. hopefully we can take an evening walk sometime and check out the lights. There is one house on our new black that has amazing lights!

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