7: Memory

For those of you with very specific memories of this blog, this isn’t the first time I’ve used this photo, but its one of my favorites of my immediate family. I have no idea who took the picture, or what day it was, but we are all present and accounted for, and apparently smiling about it.

As we get closer to the end of the year I have a few more vacation days to use, and that includes a trip to Florida for a FULL WEEK! I love a good long-weekend, so the idea of being there Thursday to Wednesday is a little overwhelming. We are planning on filling some of that time with a trip to Universal Studios so Johnny can see Barney. We don’t know if he’ll be as into it as he has on trips past, but we figure its only a matter of time until they re-brand that space, so we should enjoy it while it is still around.

I’m also starting to consider moving this website back to WordPress.com, for those of you with some technical blog knowledge, there’s the free versions of blogging, and a few years ago I switched to self-hosted. At the time I was doing more “influencer” type events, and I have little to no interest in those these days. So, it seems pretty silly to be spending about $300 a year on keeping this site self-hosted, but I don’t want to lose my posts. So I’m hoping I’ll find someone to help me in the transferring.

I don’t want to change the name, and I don’t see much benefit in updating the layout (other than maybe making a new header photo someday) but I would like to save that $300 per year, even if it means spending that same amount one more time to get assistance in the transfer.

Do you have memories while taking your family photos? Or do you just like the way the photo looks?


  1. All of my family photos are more for the memories than for the looks of the photo. Yes, the photos where we are all looking at the camera usually remind me of the battle it would take to get us all to focus but sometimes that part of the background too! 😉
    Hope you get some great new photo memories this Thanksgiving/Christmas!

  2. Look at your platinum blond hair! I love looking at family photos. I don’t have many specific memories of the photo taking unless it was for an event like someone’s confirmation or something like that.

    I hope you have a great trip to Florida! A week long trip sounds really nice to me – I’d love to just hang out at the beach and enjoy eating outdoors. But I know sometimes trips can get long. My husband prefers shorter trips, too. We are going to FL in February for 4 nights. We went for 3 nights last year and it was just a little too short since it’s such a hassle to travel with a baby/toddler!

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