8: Cozy

Hello from my couch! I had a few friends over yesterday and it was great to see people and laugh and catch up. I love a good busy schedule, but it was nice to only have one thing planned and have Sunday completely open to do whatever…which so far has just been sitting on the couch. I like to pretend I will go to yoga today. But its not going to happen. I should go on a walk, and maybe I’ll convince myself of that.

I love a good comfortable space. I’m now starting my second holiday season in my condo, and have picked up a few seasonal decorations (mainly from my mom’s house, my version of thrifting). A friend of mine recently moved and while I don’t want to take over that space, I am trying to make a cozy spot there for myself as well.

September and October were busy months, so I’m glad that November is here and that I am trying to schedule less and relax more. Some friends have been wanting to schedule things for the next few weeks, and I’m somewhat trying to push those plans off into December. I know we still have two weeks until the week of Thanksgiving, but I also know that it will all of a sudden be Thanksgiving!

Are you ready for the holiday season to begin?

Or are you enjoying this “open” time before the holidays swing into high gear?


  1. With buying and selling a house, this time of year will go down as our busiest by far. I guess it distracts us from the crappy weather, though? I’m glad that we will be moving into our new house soon so we can be settled before Christmas. I didn’t decorate our house last year as Paul was crawling and got into everything. This year we will put a tree up so I”m excited about that! I also want to fill our window boxes with some winter decor like pine and white birch wood. hopefully I can do that over Thanksgiving weekend when my SIL is here – she’s super crafty so I know she’ll love to help with that project.

    Once December hits, it will be a busy time with holiday parties (I have 2 for my work and Phil has 1 that I’m invited to) plus other things like my cookie decorating party, a wedding, and Christmas itself! It should be a fun and festive month!

    1. Oh man two work parties? I’ve heard my company goes out for lunch, and I’ve got most Fridays in December off, so I’m curious if I will end up missing their lunch day. (I won’t be too disappointed if that happens). I always love having crafty friends to help me, because I am not that person.

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