9: Courage

I love a good concert. I go to a few a year, and this fall has been extra busy with shows that I bought tickets for last spring. I posted on Facebook that I was interested in seeing Celine when her show was announced, and my friend Paula, my cousin Abi’s mother in law, said she would be interested in going. We figured out tickets and finally the day came on Friday, which was also one year and 2 days since Abi passed away.

Celine was more powerful and inspiring than I ever imagined. Her band was amazing, and she had showmanship and passion and a fierceness that I wish could be bottled to distribute a little at a time. Twice during the first 15 minutes of the show I teared up.

Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that’s the way it is

I remember loving That’s the Way it is, when the song came out. But I had forgotten the message in the song, and really need to work it into more playlists.

I am so grateful for a night of wonderful music, spending time with Paula (and also Bob who was kind enough to join us for dinner and do drop off and pick up), and hearing music that I enjoyed as a pre-teen, and will now have a new memory to associate with those lyrics.

Who do you like going to concerts with?

What performer would you like to see tour/come to Minneapolis?


  1. I love going to concerts but prefer seeing artists in smaller venues usually. That said, I did see P!nk at the Xcel and she put on an amazing concert. My all-time favorite artist to see live is Brandi Carlile. I’m seeing her in February and she’s playing at a new concert venue that is opening up. I don’t even know where the venue is as I didn’t buy the tickets but I am super pumped for that concert. i think it will be my 5th time seeing her live? I also wanted to see Mat Kearney but I couldn’t find anyone to go with. i might buy a single ticket if there are any left and see him alone as he’s awesome in concert, too!

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