10: Fall

Peak fall colors have pretty much come and gone, but I am loving the leaves on the ground. I spent most of Saturday outside and the wind was blowing a little stronger than I had dressed for, but the sunshine sure felt good!

I have always been someone who compares “where I was last year” and this year is harder because I’m remembering Abi. Fall has always been my favorite season, and it will continue to be my favorite season, but October now holds a more specific place in my heart.

I am not a costume person, even in college I wasn’t really into it, which I think was peak costume years, even though babies dressed up are cute. On Thursday I am going to make lasagna, maybe eat some Reese’s cups and watch the Addams Family movies.

For the first time in my Orange Theory Fitness journey I’m participating in “hell week” I’m taking 5 classes within 8 days, I’m 3 classes in, and am not loving it. To add to that…I think I mentioned last post that I’m doing personal development for work where I want to go for 3 – 30 minute walks per week. It is less about more exercise, and more about getting fresh air throughout the week. Week 1 I did it, week 2….not so much. There was outside time, but not specific “this is my 30 minute walk” time. Maybe this week? We shall see.

I’m already talking to friends about holiday plans, and I’ve considered my New Years Resolutions, but I am in complete denial, that the number “10” in this post means that we are officially counting down the weeks left in this year.

What do you still want to accomplish in 2019? Do you have dreams for 2020 yet?


  1. My big thing for 2019 is moving into our new house and selling our current one. I hope that all goes smoothly!

    We have our holiday plans figured out and have for quite awhile. But that’s what happens after marriage and when you have kids. We haven’t exactly figured out Christmas yet – we know we will be home but I am hoping my MIL will come stay with us instead of us going to her. We have a guest suite in the new house so there is plenty of room for her. She doesn’t enjoy cooking whereas I do! So hopefully she is open to staying with us this year.

    Fall colors were kind of meh this year with how cold and wet it was! But we enjoyed some last weekend. So many leaves fell this week while I was traveling. I don’t like it when the trees are bare but so it goes!

    1. How wonderful that you have a guest suite! I agree the colors weren’t great this year, but at least we have had a few sunny days this week!

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