11: Outside

The weather last week is my 100% jam. It was chilly, but sunny, and wonderful. We haven’t had enough of these days for my liking, and the more good days we have, the more I realize that I am not getting enough outside time.

When I first moved to St. Paul I would walk the neighborhoods all the time. The longer I lived there, the less I did that, and while I utilize the space in Golden Valley occasionally, it isn’t frequent enough.

My work has a personal development program that I am participating in, and part of it involves making promises. I made a promise to go on 3 – 30 minute walks per week. There was supposed to be a consequence that tied to your vices, instead I said I’d have to go on a 90 minute walk. The program is self lead, so there isn’t anyone to point out that my consequence is unrealistic and not the intended type of consequence.

Last week I accomplished all three walks, and it only reinforced that I should be doing it more often. Since starting this job in May I have now moved rooms, and finally have an outside window. I love the natural light especially because I get to see the sunrises.

After seeing all the rain today (Monday) I’m starting to wonder where exactly I’ll walk for 30 minutes this week, but hopefully we get a few more of those sunny fall days!

How often do you get outside in the fall? Does that change once it becomes winter?


  1. I really struggle to get outside at ALL during the day because I work from home and it is SO nice to stay in my comfy house! 😉

    Today’s rain made me so so happy! I love sleeping while it is raining and then sitting with a blanket while working on the computer is even better when it is dark and damp! You have to agree! 😉

  2. The weather last weekend was totally my jam, too. I love the crisp, cool temperatures. Sunday was especially beautiful since the sky was so blue and it was so sunny!

    We take lots of walks now that we have a kid. Weather permitting, we usually take a 30-45 minutes walk after we get home from work. We haven’t done that as much lately since it’s been windy or rainy but hopefully we can get more walks in before daylight savings ends. Soon it will be dark when we get home from work and then we won’t be as likely to go for a walk. I also try to go for walks around lunch time. I have a couple of different skyway loops. It’s nice to get away from my desk and get some steps in while listening to podcasts!

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