12: Football

Last weekend I went to Madison, Wisconsin for a Badger Football game. I briefly visited Madison in June when traveling to Milwaukee, and that first brief visit didn’t make me fall in love with the town, but last weekend was definitely a redemption!

We had a rain-free pre-game and first quarter, but after that it was rainy and chilly. Today I’m off to the Vikings game, and grateful that the new stadium has a roof.

Since I’ve been out of town or busy the last two Sundays, that means I haven’t had my usual church and grandparent time. But I thankfully have been able to stop by their house and visit. I know I am lucky to be able to have this time together.

Football can be a tradition for families, but I think each family’s version of the tradition is different. Sometimes it is 100% about the athletes on the field, sometimes the atmosphere of the stadium, or the food enjoyed while watching, but it can also be just the people you are with, no matter who is playing, what is being served, or what the weather is like.

What is your favorite part of football? Does your family have a different sports tradition?


  1. The only sport that my family watches consistently is European Football (soccer) and I don’t feel like the food/drink traditions are quite the same! So while I enjoy sitting down with my dad for a Saturday morning soccer game we rarely ever have any snacks or drinks as we’re usually eating breakfast while they’re playing. lol!

    1. That makes sense to me! When I worked in a bigger office we would have soccer matches on at very random parts of the day, and I haven’t been to the soccer stadium yet, but I would like to get to a match eventually.

  2. My family isn’t super into football. I think Vikings games were on but I don’t really remember watching them as a family. I feel like my parents were so busy with other stuff on the weekend. My brothers are huge Vikings fans, though. Every year they go to a game in a different location. Last year was Detroit, the year before was Green Bay. I’m not sure where they are going this year, though.

    I like having football on in the background but am not the most avid watcher. I watched the first part of the first quarter yesterday and the last half of the 4th quarter. I was really happy to see them put up a win. I bet it was a fun game to watch in the stadium since they have some big plays! I have been to one vikings game as a coworker invited my husband and I. They had seats in the Purple zone – it was in one of the end zones and you sit on couches. It’s all you can eat/drink so we had a swanky experience!

    1. Oooo, I haven’t sat in that section, but what fun!! I don’t watch diligently on tv, but plenty of my relatives are fans, so most weeks I’m taking in a couple of games, even if they are just background entertainment.

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