13: October

Somehow there are only 13 weeks left in the year. I think I will be mainly writing a post per week as I find I don’t have much to say, or not much time to type. I do want to make a 20 in 2020 list, and there might be multiple versions of that list, but we shall see. (aka, 1 20-item list for restaurants, 1-20 item list for experiences, 1 20-item list for personal goals.) But I’m not sure if that’s quite how it will work out.

This weekend I’m over in Wisconsin, experiencing a Badger game, and whatever other adventures come along. Next weekend I’ll get coffee with a friend Saturday, and go to the Vikings game on Sunday. The weekend after is a Miranda Lambert concert with my mom, and then the final weekend of October I’m probably going back into Wisconsin to watch a different college football game.

The week days in October are just as busy, and I’m not really mad at it. All of the plans are good, and I welcome the distraction as I know this is the month that marks one year since Abi passed away.

I am writing each day in 10Q and it is very interesting to see where I was at in life last year. In addition, my work is offering a personal coaching experience that is having us break our lives down in 12 different areas, rank them, and decide what areas to work on. Possibly more to come on that, depending on how the process goes.

Are you working on anything in particular as the year ends? Do you have any idea what New Years Resolutions you might make?


  1. Super excited to see you next weekend! I am hoping we have beautiful weather next Saturday. I am so tired of all of the rain! Did you have good weather in Wisconsin this weekend??
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Halloween will be rain free so that we get lots of little trick or treat-ers because there are lots of little kids in our area! 🙂

    1. It poured during the football game, thankfully we were pretty prepared. I’m excited to see you too! We are definitely due for some sunshine!!

  2. That is very cool that your company provides that kind of coaching. that is really unique! Hopefully you get some insights out of that exercise!

    3 different 20 in 2020 lists is ambitious!! I’m just barely making my way through my 19 in 2019 so can’t imagine 3 different lists! 😉 But my social list is VERY quiet since babysitters are so expensive as we aren’t in the mood to eat out all that often (nor did we before we had Paul!).

    All I’m focused on for the last 13 weeks is getting moved/settled. We’ll have some furniture to buy after we move but it’s going to take awhile to make those decisions as I want to find the right pieces… My first priority is getting an ottoman and probably an arm chair or 2 for our living room. Down the road I want to buy furniture for our basement but that’s lower priority as I don’t think we’ll use it much until Paul is older. But that will be an easier set to buy since we’ll buy a set. It’s going to be harder to pick out things that coordinate with our couch… these are the decisions I don’t love making!

    1. Furniture shopping is hard! I want quality pieces, but don’t want to overpay. I think its great that you are taking a slower approach. I bet if you wrote down all the little things that happen with moving you’d hit 20 easy!

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