14: Walks

When I lived in St. Paul I walked the neighborhood frequently. While I will occasionally go for a run/walk in Golden Valley, its usually for a workout, not just for the fun of walking. There are certain friends and family members that I walk with, and it is super relaxing, and a great way to chat and catch up. Its a bonus if the view is nice to look at.

Sunday night I convinced a friend to go for a short walk, it was a neighborhood I’m not familiar with, and we got a bonus sunset out of the deal. When I lived in St. Paul the alley I parked my car in had some decent sunrises and sunsets, now I park underground (humblebrag) but the sky by my condo isn’t very picturesque. Hopefully if I ever buy a house I can get a decent sunrise/sunset view.

What is your favorite season to walk? What about favorite time of day?

For me the best season is fall, but in the winter around 1 pm when its sunny sure does feel nice.

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  1. Underground parking definitely has it’s perks, especially come winter! We go for walks almost everyday when we get home from work. It’s my favorite time of the day as it gives Phil and I a chance to catch up and talk over things without any distractions. And Paul loves waving at all the people and dogs he sees. My favorite time of day to walk, though, is on summer mornings!

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