15: Fogo

I experienced Fogo De Chao for the first time on Saturday night, and oh man, what an experience it is! Before going I knew there was a big salad bar (aka “market table”) and I knew they walked around with meat on skewers, and you flipped a card green if you wanted meat.

What I didn’t know…if we would have a server, if there were other things you could order, and if I would like the experience.

Technically we did have a server, but despite him saying “I’ll check back in” we never saw him again. There was technically a menu, but the server was annoyed when I said I wanted to look at it. Good thing I didn’t want to order any of those options, seeing as I never saw him again!

I also didn’t know we would get the Brazilian cheese bread bites, caramelized bananas, fried polenta, and mashed potatoes as a side. Next time I would eat those items before going to the market table, because I like them a lot more than the market table. I also really loved the grilled pineapple and the grilled cheese (not cheese with bread, but actual cheese that can go on the grill) it was similar to halloumi cheese.

Some of the meats were great, I was very full very fast so I didn’t get anywhere close to my money’s worth. Personally, I love a good steak, but I think I can get a better steak dinner with the sides I prefer either at home on the grill, or at one of the many great restaurants in Minneapolis.

I could see Fogo being a great spot for a bachelor dinner, or feeding a teenage boy on his birthday. But it won’t be my first choice of dining options. (It did make me really want to stop into Grand Casino Mille Lacs for their crab leg buffet though).

Do you enjoy a meat buffet? What is your idea of a celebration dinner?

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