I haven’t written a long, link-filled post in…at least a year? So if you’re looking for a quick trip recap, it was great, the weather was awesome, it was slow season which I highly recommend, and there’s a lot of fantastic food, and plenty of activities while in Aspen. Each ski area has a little different vibe, so if there’s a different one you love, by all means keep going to that. But for me, I think Aspen or Snowmass may be worth another visit in the future!

Thursday PM: Fly into Denver.

Friday AM: Drive to Breckenridge. Park, walk around, drive to Leadville. Walk around Leadville, have the best lunch at Buchi Cafe Cubano. Start the scariest drive through Independence Pass. We didn’t stop at Twin Lakes, but should have, or done some kind of hike in that area.

Friday PM: Arrive in Aspen, pay for parking at the hotel (basically mandatory, available parking is tough to find). Walk around town and decide on White House Tavern for dinner. We each had a great salad, but the menu is pretty limited.

Saturday AM: Breakfast at the hotel, hike up Hunter Valley Trail, but then cut over on Smuggler Mountain Road for the trip down. Then take the gondola up Aspen, hike around a bit, then lunch at the top.

Saturday PM: After showering post hike, head to Hotel Jerome for a drink at J-Bar. While there we decided on French Alpine Bistro for dinner.

Sunday AM: Hotel Breakfast, then borrow the hotel’s bikes and explore the Rio Grande Trail.

Sunday PM: Drive to Snowmass, ride the Gondola, marvel at all the mountain biking. Lunch at the top. Then travel back to Aspen, clean up, and have another dinner at French Alpine Bistro.

Monday AM: Eat the last hotel breakfast, check out, drive to Vail. Walk around Vail, marvel at how much has changed since the last time we were there (approx 15 years ago). Drive to Denver, return the rental car, fly home, vacation over.

I shared some photos on Instagram, but the photos really don’t do the mountains justice. Technically we missed the fall colors, so I’m hoping that I’ll see some Minnesota fall colors when I’m up north next weekend.


  1. I haven’t been to Aspen or Vail. Sounds like an amazing trip! I love Colorado so much. When Paul is a bit older I’d like to take a family trip out there as Phil has never been. We love hiking so I know Phil would love CO. I spent 2 winter breaks and a summer in Steamboat Springs so I’d like to go back there as I loved the laid back vibe of that town. I haven’t been back in probably 15 years, though, so I am sure it’s changed alot!

    1. I also went to steamboat as a kid, and while I’m sure its changed, it is on the top of my list for family friendly/want to go again.

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