16: Out of Office

I’m posting this two days early to let you know I’m officially on vacation! I had to set an “out of office” on my email for the first time in years! (at my old job it wasn’t necessary). I’m only gone for two work days, so it shouldn’t be too tough catching back up at work.

That said…I’ve worked to the point of eye twitching all week, and the same will probably happen next week at work.

I took the above photo at the Saints game last week. I had a really good time, even if the majority of the game was the Saints losing (they ended up winning, but it was after I had left). I’m getting to know someone, and while we are pretty comfortable with chatting, there is a lot we don’t know about each other, especially when we are in new situations.

I won’t be getting into many details at this point, but I have never been one to completely overshare in this space. In the last couple years I’ve used this space to share “themes of the week”. Previously I posted many goals and my progress towards those goals. I’m thinking 2020 will have a 20-item list, but I haven’t started writing that yet. You can always follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more “in the moment” thoughts.

I’m really looking forward to getting plenty of outside time, thinking time, mom time, and overall relaxing time.

When was the last time you put up an “out of office” message?

Are you an over-sharer? Or do you keep things as private as possible?

P.S. turns out my 19 post for this year was also “out of office” but I’m not changing this post. So I guess I’ll have 50 unique posts for 2019, and 2 that are identically titled.

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  1. I was pretty private about things on my blog, too. I would sometimes talk about dating but not until after something fell apart or when I was confident things were going well. It’s hard enough to put yourself out there in a relationship so talking about it on a blog makes you even more vulnerable. I hope the ‘getting to know each other’ phase continues to go well! Sometimes married people tend to romanticize dating but I am not one of those people – the early stages are stressful!

    Enjoy the time with your mom this weekend! I hope you have great weather in CO!!

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