Work Reflections

I start my new job today!! I took yesterday and Monday off and am thrilled that I will have 3 days of work, the weekend, and then a real full week of work. I have no idea what the training will be like, so I’m planning on just showing up and going with the flow.

I remember when I started my last job, a woman on my team said “Katie, when I first saw you, I thought you looked so sweet, and then you opened your mouth.” I don’t curse every other word of the day, but I am sarcastic.

This lovely glass was a gift from a coworker, who didn’t sit by me for long, but was always laughing at the way I would phrase things. I will be keeping this glass displayed at home to remind myself that I have some good qualities, and that maybe some of the witty comebacks should be for after work hours only.

Here’s hoping my new coworkers appreciate my comments, and here’s hoping I have the strength to hold back for a little bit while they warm up to me!

What qualities do you bring to your work team?

Have your teammates told you anything that you hadn’t realized about yourself?


  1. That wine glass is awesome! And that comment from your coworker is so funny! I definitely bring a dose of sarcasm with me to work. I work on a very small team – there are 3 of us. So we know each other very well and are pretty ‘real.’ We merged with a larger group last August but they are in other offices so I don’t know them as well. So it’s taken awhile for me to feel comfortable enough to use sarcasm. But I’m starting to feel comfortable enough to be a bit more ‘real’ on team calls, etc.

    I hope you have a great first week at your new job! Good call on making it a short one! And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

    1. I was on my best behavior at my new team’s lunch today. Little do they know I don’t take long to warm up and ask questions/start conversation!

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