My horoscope from Sunday was particularly good. It fits well for this time of my life. I love a good plan, I love when things are organized. If this are chaotic, I try to make it organized chaos.

TAURUS (April 14, 2019) Get organized. Organization just might be the stuff of life. From the order of your DNA to the order of your schedule, how things are organized will define, build, change, bind or free you.

I have been listening to podcasts lately that mention living in scarcity or abundance. And I think I tend to live more towards the scarcity idea than the abundance side. Living in abundance you assume things will continue, living in scarcity you are saving and expecting things to slow down or stop, and you want to be prepared.

I’m preparing for a life change (official announcement coming soon). And when I know things are changing I like to make sure the other areas of my life are somewhat put together. After January – March of watching my budget and weighing each purchase I finally allowed myself to purchase a few things to prepare for summer.

For now I’m trying to hold on to some good healthy habits and also be open to new things that might lead to a more organized, healthier, me!


  1. I’ll be curious to hear what your life change announcement is! Sounds exciting!! My guess is a different job!

    I love organizing. We also tend to favor scarcity over abundance. My husband is a minimalist and he has definitely had an influence on me. It’s so easy for me to purchase something when it’s needed so I don’t feel the need to stock up a bunch of stuff. Plus our house is pretty small so we don’t really have room for lots of stuff!

    1. haha you might be right!!! With moving from a studio to a one bedroom I’m pretty good at reducing stuff, but I still need to clean out my bedroom at my parents house…It’s organized, but there’s more in there than there should be!

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