40: Live

I love live music, when I lived “up north” I usually made it to a concert once a year. Now that I live in the metro and don’t need to plan a 3 hour drive and a hotel room for a concert, I try to go to shows more often.

As a single person I can… buy one ticket and go solo, try to find a friend to buy tickets together, or just buy two tickets and figure it out when the show gets closer.

Minnesota Orchestra hall, featuring Dessa.

I almost always just buy two tickets, and there have been a few very rare times where I can’t find a buddy. Once I let the tickets go unused, because I ended up having other plans. And once I went solo (Haim and Lizzo) and I would have gone to Lizzo solo again if her next tour wasn’t sold out!

So when I saw Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra tickets go on sale, I reached out to a few groups of friends, no one responded, but I wanted to go. So eventually I pulled the trigger and bought another 2 seats at a concert where I didn’t know who would be my date.

Thankfully my dear friend is used to these invitations and was interested in joining me. We grabbed a quick dinner at Barrio and settled in at orchestra Hall. Balcony A was a great choice as it gave us a full view, but slightly cheaper than other options.

Dessa was incredible. Hearing her voice, her backup singers, and a full orchestra was a thing of beauty. As an added bonus, she had an interactive light display behind her. It was a live recording that will become a record, and I cannot wait to buy it.

I’m so thankful that I’m able to take a Thursday night to catch up with a friend, experience music, and not need to take time off work to make it all happen. Now I just need to find a partner that also values attending live music.

Do you enjoy live music?

Do you buy tickets in advance, or just wait to see what’s available?


  1. That sounds like such a fun concert! I saw Ben Folds with the Orchestra and it was an amazing show! I used to go to more concerts but haven’t the last several years. If I really want to see someone, I will go alone. I went alone to see Mat Kearney several years ago and am so glad I did because he put on an amazing show!

    Phil and I have very different tastes in music and he’s not super into concerts but luckily I have several friends who are up for going to concerts with me! My next one is Pink in May. I was hoping to see Brandi Carlile at the state fair but she’s playing over Labor Day weekend and we are usually up north that weekend. Otherwise I would have gone to that show alone!

    1. Thankfully I always weigh “would I go to this alone” and factor that into my two ticket cost. I definitely see more solo shows in my future. Mostly because of how much I like music.

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