2018 on the Blog

I wore my healthy living summit shirt to an orange theory workout the other day, and someone asked me about it. I started stammering, I haven’t been to a blogger event in a while, I’m not used to explaining my blog anymore. This space has changed, when I introduced it in 2011 I was gearing up for 12 New Years Resolutions in 2012. I was living alone in Duluth, and didn’t have many friends in Duluth, and the blog was a great distraction.

From 2013-2015 I worked in a small office where I could work on my blog during the work day as long as my other work was being completed. From 2016 – any time in the future, it appears I will have a full time job that probably won’t allow for blogging unless its on my lunch break.

In 2018 I blogged every week. Typically only once, and I personally enjoyed it. I wrote a slice of my life for that week, giving as many details as I felt comfortable giving the internet. Some people think I overshare, some people ask me in person who I’m referencing or if there was more that happened that I wasn’t able to share.

I had approximately 1000 views each month, other than April when I had 2000 views. Considering I blogged every single day, I almost thought I would have gotten more than double viewing.

My most popular posts include: Sculpt Teacher Training Review, Moscato Christmas Sangria, 16: Home, 30 Days of Katie: Day 30, and New Place, New Bedding.

Thank you for reading my writing this year. If you have any requests for posts in 2019, please let me know in the comments!


  1. I’m averaging about 1 post a week these days, sometimes maybe 2. That’s as much as I can make time for but it feels like the right amount for this stage of my life. My relationship with blogging has really changed over the years, too. In my early years it was a way to increase my circle of friends. Now I’m using it more to catalog my life and keep in touch with the friends/acquaintances I’ve made through blogging. I sometimes feel bad that my content is, well, super Paul-focused. But that’s my current stage of life and people keep coming back so they must not mind it too much!!

    I’m curious to see more pictures of your new home!

    1. Well I will hopefully hang pictures this weekend/over New Years so then I could do another post! I enjoy the Paul content, I think its fun to see all the development changes!

  2. I miss HLS!!! I’m really excited to get back into a regular writing routine in 2019. I have been so hit or miss in the last couple years (and my analytics show it).

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