47: She Ain’t Me

Galtines, Valentines, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of any of it. Even in relationships I am not really a fan of the hallmark holidays. The good news, after this week we get a nice long break from gross-feeling holidays. Thursday night I went to First Ave and saw ZZ Ward. It was an awesome show!

I love all of ZZ’s songs but “She Ain’t Me” was one of the best. Valentines day can be hard. And you can start to play the “woulda coulda shoulda” games. But, life went a different way. Each person and each relationship is so different. I know that I have treated each boyfriend differently, and I don’t think the way they treated me is exactly the same as they have treated other partners of the past or future.

I hope everyone finds their person. Some people find their person as a teenager, some people wait a few decades. And that is okay.

How do you spend this holiday?

Netflix and chill? Wine and chocolate? Greasy pizza and cold beer?


  1. Sometimes I do little things to note the day, like bake or make crafts or something – reminds me of being a kid 🙂 But really I think it’s just because I feel like I’m supposed to do something! I was lucky to find my person early and we celebrate our anniversary which is in April, I like that it feels like its something for just us.

  2. I was single for MANY Valentine’s Day. It helped when my brother had kids as I would spend the holiday with them so him and his wife could go out for dinner. We’d get a heart shaped take and bake pizza and hang out at home. Now I’m in a relationship and we don’t really do anything to celebrate. No flowers or cards or chocolates. We spend the evening together but we stay in and i cook dinner. This year it falls on Ash Wednesday so I’ll be making a simple meal of baked tilapia with asparagus and roasted potatoes.

    1. I went to Ash Wednesday service with my grand parents tonight. The pastor’s message was a good tie in to the dual calendar assignment. I think helping others to celebrate is a great way to show love.

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