Joy: Twenties

As I attend more and more 30th birthdays I realize just how long my twenties were. A lot happens in 10 years. You finish college, you get a first job, you more than likely have a few other jobs. You may go to school again.

gustavus adolphus college sign old main

Even if you don’t go to college you are still learning so many things. Everyone’s experience is a little different, we don’t all learn the same lessons at the same time. But we can still support each other as we go through the learning process. I’m hopeful for the next decade. I’m sure there will still be some comparison, and some new lessons to learn. I thankfully haven’t experienced too much divorce, but hopefully can still experience some happy unions.

I spent the weekend exploring Gustavus and St. Peter with some friends from college. I found that some things have not changed, a lot of things have changed for the better, and the things that aren’t better probably aren’t permanent. So my twenties slowly come to a close, hopefully my thirties will bring on new and good things.


  1. The 20s did seem like a long decade. I packed a lot into mine between college, changing jobs and getting my MBA. The weird thing is that my 30s have been going SO MUCH FASTER. I can’t believe I will be 37 in February… I think you are going to love your 30s. By the time we are in our 30s, we usually have a better sense of who we are and what we want, and we are kinder to ourselves. At least that is the experience that I have had in my 30s!

    1. This is what I am hoping for!! Thank you for being such a great example for me to follow, it really helps on the hard days!

  2. I completely agree what what Lisa said in her comment and what you wrote. Looking back my 20s were jam packed full of work and school and friends and life. My 30s have had a much slower pace but it feels like the whole decade is flying by. It’s so weird!

    My 30s started off really hard but have steadily gotten better as I’ve settled into life and self-acceptance and the wisdom that comes with age and whatnot. Congrats on making it through your 20s! It was quite a journey wasn’t it? Cheers to your 30s!

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