Joy: Small Town Saturday

busch light with olives

Time flies when you are having fun! Friday night I went for a walk afterwork with a friend and then we finally stopped at Bald Man Brewing which is near our office. I will definitely be going again as the beers were good and the seating was plentiful. Saturday morning I went to my first Alchemy workout, which will get its own post eventually. Afterwards I drove north for the weekend.

busch light with olives

The Harvest Moon Brew Fest was wonderful once again! (Click the link to read my experience from 2015). I originally planned on going with two friends and my dad ended up joining as well. Our small town never has a line going around the block, but it did to get into the event, and while the parking lot was crowded, it was fun to see so many people outside enjoying the good weather.

In other family news…We can’t stop watching Irma coverage to see how Fort Myers Beach is doing. Originally my parents were flying down on Thursday to spend a long weekend away, that will not be happening. My dad may drive down with a truck loaded with gas, generators, water, and beef jerky to help start/fuel the clean up. However we won’t know more until the storm has ceased. For now we think of those who are in the storms and hope for safety.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. The hurricane situation is just horrible. My brother is in the Navy and will go down on a medical shop if hospitals are destroyed or indefinitely unable to serve people.

  2. The Harvest Moon festival sounds like fun! I’m glad you had a good time! And man, Irma is terrifying. If/when your dad goes down I’ll be praying for safety!

  3. That is awesome that the event was so well-attended! The weather could not have been better this past weekend! I’ll be curious to hear what you say about the Alchemy class you went to. I’ve heard great things about that studio!

    The damage from Irma is so sad. I have a lot of family in the Sarasota area and they road out the storm in their homes. Luckily they did not have much damage but we were all on pins and needles when the storm was rolling through.

    1. So far I am loving Alchemy! It is very different from corepower, which takes some mental adjusting, but hopefully i’ll get some good benefits from the classes.

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