Restore, the best class you can take.

I’ve been a loyal Corepower Yoga customer since 2010. I go in spurts with the frequency I attend class, but I lately get one or two classes a week. My first love with always be Sculpt. I’m a certified instructor, I taught for 2 years when I lived in Aitkin, and nothing feels as good as a good sculpt class. C1 and C2 classes are also great. While you know the routine, each instructor has their own flair, and there is plenty of good feelings to have.

restorative yoga class

My newest favorite class is Restore. This is unlike any other Corepower class. I would recommend this class to absolutely everyone (which is not true for C1, C2 and Sculpt). Restore is the class that feels different every single time. While you may not work up a sweat, you stretch and hold poses for longer than you ever thought possible.

If stretching is something you do at the end of a workout because you know you should, but you just don’t have time….try restore. Its going to be hard. Because you’ll just have to slow the heck down and do the class. You’ll be stubborn enough to have to finish the class and finish the pose, and you’ll learn a little about slowing down and actually listening to your body.

That being said…I am super super excited for Alchemy to open! You may remember my debate for what gym to join, and I’ve decided to take the plunge with Alchemy. I’m excited to see what happens with a new workout and hopefully meeting some new people!


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  1. I havent heard of this class! Sounds great, though. I had an unlimited membership to CPY for awhile when I live downtown. Sculpt, HPF, and C2 were my favorite classes. Restore sounds like a great addition.

    I hope you love alchemy. I have heard great things about their classes!

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