Run for the Lakes 10k Plan 2017

Running used to be a huge activity for me. When I lived in Duluth I frequently ran 3-5 miles each workout throughout the week. Living in Aitkin I still exercised frequently. Teaching yoga sculpt, coaching the dance team, and training for triathlons ensured my base level fitness was fairly decent.

These days I workout approximately 2-3 times per week. Sometimes I’m at yoga, sometimes I’m running, and other times all I can manage is a good walk. I had hoped with signing for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (aka Grandma’s half) that I would get back into the routine this spring.

The routine has not been found. Between work stress, school, and slight injuries my workouts have not been improving as I would have hoped. So instead of running a 10k on Saturday morning, I’ll be getting through a 10k. I ran 4 miles at the beginning of April with a close friend, and I can accomplish 2 more miles, but my pace is going to be in the 13 min mile range.

And that is going to have to be okay. I’m still planning on going to Grandma’s half in June. If I keep a low mileage, injury free base these next 6 weeks, I can complete 13.1. Who knows, maybe this fall I can return to the Twin Cities 10 Miler as a newly graduated MBA and really celebrate?

What would you do?

Would you drop out of the races because your training is not there?

Or stubbornly push through because you’ve paid and committed?



  1. I usually tend to drop out of races if I am not properly trained to avoid injuries. But you know your body best and what you can do and you can always walk during the half if need be! It’s really tough to work full time, train for a race, and go to grad school. I tried to do that the spring of my first year of grad school and I did not find the time to train and I ran a HORRIBLE half. But a friend came from South Dakota to run it with me so I could not back out. I felt so awful afterwards and spent the rest of the day on the couch so in hindsight I should have cheered her on and skipped the race… but i was running VERY LITTLE. Like 5 miles was my longest run before the race. Baaaad idea.

    I just signed up for my first post-surgery race. I’m doing a half in September. I’m also hoping to do the 10 mile, too. I hope you can do it, too!!

  2. I think I’d be in the stubbornly paid and committed camp, unless I was really feeling serious injury. I hope it goes well on Saturday! I hope to work up to a 10k eventually.

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