My 2016 Blog Trends and Top Posts.

I spend very little time here these days. Part of me wishes I did more in marketing myself and this space. At this point it looks a bit like a throw back, to the blogs that posted breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. I never quite got to that status, but I’m glad that thought process has drifted away.

I don’t have a blogging specific goal for 2017, but I would like to see a rebound in posts. Sharing more of what people want to read. (and figuring out what that is).

3 of my more popular posts for 2016 are… Studio Apartment Tour, Never Say “This”, and Don’t Wait, Speak Up. So hopefully I share some “tips for Revival St. Paul”, “I finally found a man”, and “my brother continues to be cooler than me” type of posts. But if not, what would you like to read?



    1. Sadly I still haven’t gone to Revival, I swear I will…. What I really want is for the Lexington to open, after 3 years of waiting it had better be worth it!

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