Don’t Wait: Find the light

Brr. What pictures don’t tell you, is the temperature. Its early in Minnesota winter, which means my body hasn’t adjusted yet. I’m cold and not ready to brave these conditions.

Yet I found myself in Duluth this weekend. I got new fleece leggings and knew they were best used exploring outside, although they are fabulous while watching Netflix. MN Community was exploring the Glensheen’s Christmas decorations and while the 7 am start time was a little painful for Saturday morning, it meant that I was able to see a Lake Superior sunrise.

Visiting Duluth is so much different than living there. Its strange to think that when I lived in Duluth I had a blackberry, facebook and twitter apps existed but were nothing like they are now, instagram just started, and snapchat wasn’t a thing. I never felt like I met my people when I lived there, but I feel like if I tried it again, I could.

I’m slowly starting to think about where else I could be, what else I could be doing. Whatever it is, I want it to be in the light.

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  1. Seeing a Duluth sunrise sounds like it was good for your soul. There’s something about the way that light and water play off each other that’s comforting and reviving all at once. Hope that the rest of your Christmas season is filled with lots of light!!!

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