US Bank Stadium, know before you go.

Game day is stressful. Sure for the players, coaches, cheerleaders, and others involved with the team. But also for the fans. You want to have fun, get there safe, see your friends, find your seats, eat good food.

us bank stadium

Every stadium has its own tips and tricks, the more you go, the more you learn what works best for you. I’m still figuring out U.S. Bank Stadium, but for now here are my top tips.

  1. Get there early! Not just an hour before the game, 2 would be best/bare minimum.
    1. I brunched before the game this week with a 9:30 reservation, even with that we were seated around 10, and our food took it sweet time coming. We parked early and walked to brunch so that we could just walk into the stadium.
  2. Leave early, or be VERY patient. Traffic sucks. I stayed for overtime and wish I hadn’t. Thankfully the friends I rode to the game with are fun, so we just sat and chatted since we didn’t talk much during the game.
  3. Walk around! The different food options are spread out, so take the time to wander around the stadium and see the different views. So far it has been warm enough for “the gates” to be open, but I’m assuming it will eventually get too cold for them.


  1. I’m going to a Vikings game on the 20th. I’m dreading the traffic but looking forward to seeing a game in the stadium. It will be my first Vikings game ever!! My colleague invited my boyfriend and I to join his family. They won tickets in a charity auction, and they are pretty cushy as we’ll have seats on a couch in a suite area so food and beverages will be provided. I think we might try to take public transportation that day to avoid the traffic nightmares, but we’ll see what we decide…

    1. That’s awesome! I’ll be there then too. If you do take the light rail, you’ll want to get on about 9 am. I recommend fort Snelling for blue line.

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