Blocking the Blog

Conferences can be terrible things. Confusing location, stupid speakers, annoying people. Thankfully MNBlogCon doesn’t really have those problems. If you follow the crowd you’ll pretty much find your way around. The speakers have all been selected, and you’re allowed to jump from session to session if you like. And the people are wonderful. Either you’re finding your people, or you’re finding new people to learn from.

blogging besties

The last two weekends I’ve thought of blog posts to write…and yet none of them have made it from brain to page. I want to blame my schedule (next week’s outline listed below) but I could find more writing time if I really wanted to. It would probably mean giving up some running, cooking, or relaxing time. And I’m pretty firm on needing those things in my life.

blogger schedule

I can usually allow one fun thing in a week, but I really need a few nights during the week at home to keep things organized and sane. I’m saying “no” to a lot of friends lately. Its not that I don’t want to see them, its that I can’t over commit myself. I know that when that happens, my happiness tanks. Even with a schedule full of fun things, the too-full schedule brings me down.

Lela Burrata Beet Salad

Saturday night instead of going to the Blogger Conference after party, or a co-worker’s house warming party, or dinner with another friend…I had some family time. It was much needed. Just the four of us, Johnny was sleeping off a seizure, but being able to see them was much needed after two weekends of somewhat networking events. I needed my roots.

Did you attend the Minnesota Bloggers Conference? What did you think of this year’s event?

Does a full calendar make you happy? Or stress you out?


  1. The life balance thing you mention is the reason I actually missed Blog Con this year. I’m bummed to have not been there, but I hadn’t had enough time with my husband and kiddo lately, so taking the time to be with them was what I needed. A full calendar can make me happy, but sometimes it definitely stresses me out and I make myself step back and rest and then jump back in.

  2. It was great to see you at this year’s BlogCon! I loved the event, learned a lot of great info, met a lot of great people. It was the only event on my calendar last week, which was nice. Generally speaking, full calendars make me happy though it is nice to have some downtime in my calendar too.

  3. “Even with a schedule full of fun things, the too-full schedule brings me down.” – this sums up exactly how I feel. I’m trying to be more careful about what I say yes to these days because I can’t keep over committing. Right now it’s a bit challenging as I have crochet class on Monday and I volunteer one other night of the week so by the time I fit in meal prep and working out, my schedule can feel a bit full. Plus my weekends have been busier lately, too. I’m hoping for a quieter stretch this fall/winter as it does seem like people tend to plan less during colder times of the year.

    I’ve actually never been to a blogging conference before! I think it would be interesting to attend one some day but I haven’t felt motivated enough to sign up and go to one!

  4. “I want to blame my schedule…but I could find more writing time if I really wanted to.”

    So much yes! If I’m honest with myself, the real reason I haven’t been writing much on my personal blog is because I’ve lost a lot of the passion that originally drove me to write. Writing used to be my outlet. Now, at the end of a long day, the last thing I usually want to do is more writing (since I write a lot for clients at work). My problem is that I haven’t replaced it with another outlet, it’s just missing – a much-needed gap in the balance of my life.

    Which is probably why I’m way more likely these days to write long comments like this on my friends’ blogs. I still need to write 🙂

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