Delayed Response

I thought I’d never see you again! After writing my Sunday post on Saturday night, I went to sleep, woke up a few hours later drove 5 hours to Denver, flew back to Minnesota, and once I was back in my apartment attempt to start my computer….attempted.

It was dead. I plugged it in, and nothing. I bought a new charger over my lunch break on Monday, nothing. So I scheduled a genius bar appointment for mid-week, and chatted with support hoping they’d give me a mystery fix….no such luck.

Thankfully I live close to campus and was able to get all my homework done late Monday night. Once I got to the genius bar they quickly removed the battery, put it back in, and all was good again!

mac back to life

This started to look up for the week, but I know the weekend is going to back packed with trying to settle back in from vacation, more homework, and maybe a workout or two. Thankfully I was able to visit my MNCommunity friends at their 1 year anniversary event.

blackeye minneapolisThere are so many things I want to check out, and yet on my own I just don’t get there. Blackeye is one of those places, and thankfully they were the hosts! As a bonus I got to try the most delicious Rebel Donuts, and see some friends I haven’t seen in so long. I’m bummed to be missing Social Media Breakfast this morning, but I will be at Camp Coco and Minnesota Bloggers Conference in October.

How do you handle life when technology fails?

It was a rough week, but thankfully no expensive fixes were needed!


  1. How stressful!! I barely went a single day without using my laptop while I was in school, so I’m glad that you were able to get it fixed without a huge cost, even though there was a bit of a time delay. I relied on the St Kate’s library for awhile when I had a power outage and couldn’t do much at home, so I’m glad you were close enough to take advantage of that. Fingers crossed that the fix lasts!

  2. Computer problems are the worst. Especially with MacBooks because they’re so expensive and you just don’t know. But huh, funny that it was as simple as removing and putting the battery back. (Makes me feel better with my turn off/unplug attempts when things go wrong too haha.) I’m so glad I got to see you this week! We will have to do a workout or have happy hour more regularly to catch up properly.

  3. Ahh! Technologies fails are so disorienting. Our wifi was out for days and so was our washing machine. I was like, “It’s Little House in the Prairie here!” And it really felt that way. I know I’m too spoiled!

  4. Ufda, that is stressful and such awful timing to have technology issues since you are back in school now. Thank goodness you live close to campus but what a pain to not be able to do your course work from the comfort of your home. I’m glad the Genius Bar was able to fix it! Phew! What a relief!

    I don’t handle technology issues well at all because I am just not very good with computers. Luckily my brother is a tech guru and works in technology, so I can usually go to him when I have trouble!

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