Don’t Wait, Greek

So often Facebook fills my feed with fun events. I can see that other friends are interested, but when asked they are rarely actually going. Schedules just don’t allow for every fun thing that comes up.

Minneapolis Greek Festival

Saturday evening I met a friend and friends of the friend at the Minneapolis Greek Festival. We weren’t sure what to expect, but given the Uptown location we figured if the event wasn’t what we were into, we could easily go somewhere else. 3 hours later, its safe to say we are fans!

Purchasing tickets for food and drink is always concerning, how many do you need? I spent $25 which allowed for a wine flight, a glass of rose, a beer, and dessert. (Priorities real clear there….) With the group I got a taste of some of the best spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, and my dessert contribution was a fried dough coated in honey and cinnamon, that I couldn’t spell to save my soul (safe to say, it was all delicious).

fix, greek beer

I’m so glad I made it a point to actually got the event that I saw on Facebook. It was a wonderful way to explore a different culture and meet new people!

Do you go to Facebook events? Or do you mark “interested” and end up not attending?

Also…Favorite Greek food? I’m tempted to say all of it!



  1. I often mark interested and then look through who else is interested to try and convince someone to go. It’s a nice feature to have and keep in mind fun events. The Greek festival was one of those, but now based on your post I will definitely have to go next year.

  2. I don’t usually even notice events on facebook, besides the ones that I am specifically invited to, which I try to RSVP to if they need a head count for planning purposes.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Greek fest! We try to go every year as Phil used to live walking distance away so it’s a tradition to go. I got the pork souvlaki kabobs (sp?) and Phil got a gyro and then he had a vanilla kok for dessert which he couldn’t finish since he was so full from his meal (and I couldn’t help him since it wasn’t gluten free). That church is in such a beautiful location. We always go out to the back patio area before leaving to soak up the pretty view of Lake Calhoun.

  3. I’m guilty of marking “interested” and then not always following through – I agree, there is sometimes just not enough time for all the fun things to do! The Greek fest sounds amazing – I didn’t know about that one!

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