Don’t Wait: Change

The state fair is all about the food, but I did have to visit the education building. Not for free pens, pencils, and stickers, but to send a Gustie Gram. Its not every year that I know a current student, but my cousin moved in on Friday! So if he hasn’t yet, eventually he’ll find a note in his post office box from me.

Don't wait Change

It’s hard to believe that as a member of the 2010 class I’ll have a cousin in the class of 2020. But I am so excited for him to experience Gustavus. College is a wonderful thing. You learn so much from 18-22, but a friend and I were talking this week, and we both argue that 22-25 is a much steeper learning curve.

I’m not the same person I was at 18, or 20, or 24. There were good aspects of my personality then, there are different good aspects now. My point this week, which I’m having a hard time getting to for some reason….Don’t wait around, don’t plan change for 2017. Change now. Accept that things won’t be the same. Explore something new. Try something a little different.

How have you changed? When was the last time you noticed a change in yourself?


  1. That’s so cool that you were able to send something to your cousin who is starting college. I have definitely changed A LOT over the years. There are certainly aspects of my personality that have remained the same over the years, but I’ve become much more independent and some aspects of my personality, like the preference for stability and a schedule, have gotten really really strong. That’s why I am a bit mystified when people get married really young and stay married. I do believe that marriage is a serious commitment so I don’t want that comment to make it sound like I don’t believe that marriages can withstand great change, but I just think back on who I was at 22 and who I am now and the kind of person I want to be with has changed quite a bit…

  2. I agree that 22-25 has some BIG learning opportunities!! I like myself more now at 26 than who I was at 22, and a lot of that has to do with how much l’ve learned and how much my perspective on the world has grown and deepened. I also agree that if there’s a reason to change, why wait until new years? Autumn always reminds me of the beginning of the school year so whether I’m actually in school or not, I tend do make a lot of “change goals” in the fall.

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