August 2016 Recap

Alert the media, 2 posts this week! Don’t get used to it though, MBA classes start again shortly, and I’ve already gotten two emails from the professor…. and class doesn’t start for another week! Either way, I am so happy to be officially half way through the program.

August 2016 recap

This month has been hard, even with fun things, I’ve been feeling pretty down. Thankfully Fall is my favorite season, and I’ve got more fun things planned, so hopefully life starts to look up!

Dating but like maybe

Even with the integrated marketing COMMUNICATION concentration of my MBA, I still don’t quite know how to talk to men that I’m interested in. Not that I’ve ever said “I miss you” to someone I’ve only been a on a few dates with. But I am trying to find the sweet spot between offering date ideas and waiting for him to ask me out. So I’ll just keep working on being SUUUUPER Chill, while also having all of my time scheduled.

speed limit sign

This sign is pretty much my motto right now. I’m trying to balance everything and not going 100 miles per hour every day. The hard part is the low feeling when I’ve spent a lot of time on one area of life, and not had a good balance, but the balance usually means being go-go-go to fit everything in. So I’ve got to find that 20 mile per hour feeling every now and then. No rush, no fuss, just cruising along.

What were your thoughts on August? Are you ready for fall or holding onto Summer while it lasts?



  1. I hope you can soak up some more moments of relaxation before MBA classes start up again. I remember getting email before class and all the work you had to do before the first class, which made me miss undergrad as you just showed up on day one. 😉 August has been brutal for me. I’ve been sick for the entire month and unable to do pretty much any exercise as getting my heart rate up results in coughing fits. 😦 I love summer but I’m kind of ready for fall, so long as we have a nice, long, indian summer-ish fall. Like 75 degrees with no humidiity until the end of October, to be exact. 😉

    Even though August was kind of rough for me, though, I did have lots of good moments during the month and I’m really trying to focus on those moments instead of moping over how awful it’s been to be sick for so long. 😦

  2. I also really need to find that 20 MPH feeling! Life feels like it’s in the Fast Lane right now. I am ready for Fall, so want to slow down and enjoy it!

  3. omg, dating is NOT my forte, I don’t even GO ON DATES. That would require someone to ask me… HA. My only advice is to just be yourself and act like you would with a new friend. Lol but with flirting. And YAY for being halfway through your MBA program!

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