Tips for the Minnesota State Fair 2016

The weekend is over, and Monday isn’t quite over yet, but thankfully most of us have a three day weekend coming!! I took Friday off last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Minnesota State Fair. Over the last few years I have experienced the fair with different people in tow,  a boyfriend,  one close friend, and this year with a group of 9. The benefit to a large group is you can have a bite of almost everything! But it also means you’ve got 9 different ways to explore the same event.

  1. Bus in. Seriously, do not park. The best part is, you’ll be dropped off at the Blue Barn, perfect for grabbing your first food or drink as you acclimate to the craziness.

mn state fair craft beer2. Follow the Path. The fair is a giant “L” shape. Back tracking to something is going to add time and not in a good way. (we did not do this and I really wish it had been a rule).

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese

  1. Stand in Line, Patiently. If you’ve made your way to the Minnesota State Fair, accept the fact that everyone else in Minnesota is also here. The deep fried grilled cheese from O’Gara’s is 100% worth the wait. (other food is good, but this one is the best).

mn state fair sunset

  1. Prepare to be there all day long. Don’t give yourself a deadline for when you need to be somewhere else. It will take all the fun out of it.

What are your fair rules? Do you go once a year, every couple years, or multiple times each year? (I would go again this year, but I’d want to check out more of the buildings).



  1. I’ve heard SO many people talk about the Minnesota State Fair – it must be awesome! Honestly, I rarely go to fairs anymore. After 12 years of showing in the county + state fairs (4-H girl, right here), I feel like I’m all “faired” out. 🙂

  2. I think the last time I was at the fair was 5 years ago when I had a friend visiting. I will go if I happen to have visitors or if I am going to a concert, but otherwise i skip it. i don’t do well with big crowds of people, and while there are gluten free options, the stuff that I’d most want to try, like deep fried grilled cheese, is not gluten free… I would love to go with my nephews some time as my SIL takes a day off during the week so they can go when it’s a bit quieter. But this year that was out of the question since I’ve already been out so much. But your tips are all great – I’m definitely all for taking public transportation there as parking is horrible!!

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