Don’t Wait, Play

Its been a long weekend. I took the day off on Friday to attend the state fair, and drove north late that night. I was pulled in multiple directions for my Saturday, but found a middle ground. Time with the family in the morning and visiting with a friend in the evening.

This morning I’m lined up for my second triathlon of the year…And the last time I saw….was my first triathlon of the year. I did get one good bike ride in, and my runs were okay other than this last week.

don't wait play tennis

State Fair walking and eating two days before a race isn’t recommended, but I did it anyways. And when my aunt asked me if I needed to rest my legs the day before the race, I said…it depends…so we played tennis.

I may have played in high school, but I haven’t really played since. It started to come back. It felt good, and now I’m wondering why I haven’t been playing. I could have said no, I could have driven to the cabin ahead of her to see our other relatives. Instead I accepted my rusty skills, and did my best. That’s all you can ask.

What really makes me wonder….is if there will come a time when I no longer sign up for races on a whim. Instead I just go about my weekends and walk occasionally. Would I ever get back into racing? Or would I need encouragement from others?

What activity have you not touched in a while? If you tried again, how would you handle it?


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

    I honestly feel like I rarely do things on a whim… I’m such a planner and I do so few races that the ones I do are ones I’ve decided on months or even a year in advance. There are activities that I tend to fall away from during certain times of the year, and obviously I have not been running but hope to start to return to it after I get cleared by my surgeon at my Sept appt. I feel excited to return to running but I also know it’s going to take an incredible amount of patience to go about it right. My PT told me that I will start with 4 min walk + 1 min run intervals x 4. So obviously it’s going to be an incredibly gradual progression. But I’ll take what I can get.

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