Looking Back….The Opposite of the Plot

The intention was to look forward to all that might be out there. To not pigeon toe myself to a topic that was just a fad. I’m glad the blog isn’t title “duluth life” or “green monster drinker” or “adventures of a sales rep” because I’m not really any of those things anymore.


I’ve been looking back a lot, mostly in marvel of how much things have changed. Usually I’m grateful that things have changed, but the object of the blog was to look forward. To work towards goals, share the steps along the way, and accomplish things. That was easy to do when talking about training for races, or blogging about New Years Resolutions. But things have changed so much I don’t even know what goals to make.

With summer slowly coming to an end I’m starting to consider what else I want to accomplish in 2016…I’ve made it halfway through the MBA program, I completed another sprint triathlon, I need a few more objectives to meet. I feel like I keep taking a few steps down a road, and then stopping. Not necessarily turning around, but just not discovering the full potential.

Do you look forward at what you want to accomplish? Or look back on what you have accomplished?


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  1. I think I tend to look to the future instead of looking back, but lately I’ve done more looking back because the goals I would be working on now (mostly running related) are off the table since I’m still recovering from hip surgery. Looking back sort of frustrates me so I try not to do it, but it’s hard not to. Luckily I do have other goals, especially related to reading so I have been putting extra focus on those.

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