Sweating and Sweets

The last few days have been blissful. I didn’t know how stressed I was until I didn’t have school work to be thinking of. Friday night I had wine with a friend, Saturday I went on a long bike ride, no photos, so I’ll need to recreate the ride and stop to capture next time. Saturday night I had dinner with my extended family complete with delicious dessert.

dessert al fresco

My grandma supplied the coffee and fruit, I supplied the family with Sweet Science ice cream…so worth the price, although my grandpa was a little mad that it was organic, that isn’t his style.

We had a reprise of Saturday’s dinner for Sunday’s after church lunch, and then I headed back to St. Paul for a walk with a friend, and then a date! (I was fairly vocal about it on twitter, so I figured my blog readers should get the same news).

Yoga black matAfter a crazy Monday work day I made it back onto my mat! I even was able to take class with my favorite instructor who I haven’t seen in forever. I was shocked and touched that she remembered me, and so thankful she gave me a few adjustments.

I am so thankful for this break to readjust priorities and find time for things that have gone to the wayside. Here’s hoping I also keep up with the blog posts!

Are you mourning summer coming to an end, ready for fall, or trying to do as much as you can while it is still sunny and wonderful?



  1. I’m both – I am not a fan of sweating, so I’m ready for summer to be over in that respect and I love so much about Fall. But I have so many things I still want to do this summer that I don’t want it to end quite yet. And yay dates – I think I saw on Twitter that there will be a second date??

  2. I’m kind of feeling both sad for summer to end but ready for fall… Summer has just been so darn busy that I feel a bit exhausted… but I love the warm, sunny weather. I am kind of looking forward to the cooler weekend ahead as I’ll feel less guilty staying inside and getting things done. I have so many tomatoes so I need to do some canning so it will be nice to have it cooler outside since I’ll be heating up our kitchen!

    1. Fall is definitely my favorite, and I don’t mind winter, but I’m still trying to enjoy these couple weeks, i just have to get out of my funk!

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