June 2016 Recap

I hope you enjoyed Peony season, because just like June….its over. There’s still July and August so it isn’t all bad, but I know I’ll manage to fill those months. I’m off to Boise, Idaho for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s marriage. Its the first wedding for this side of the family, and the entire immediate family is coming, which we aren’t usually able to accomplish.

St Paul Peony

After a crazy work schedule this spring, June was much more normal. Of course I had class twice a week so my free time was limited, but at least I wasn’t having to work extra hours. I’ve got one more class for the summer and then a few blessed weeks off. Plus, I’ll finally be able to say that I’m half way through the MBA program!

cedar lake sunset

I was home quite a bit in June, and July will be about the same. I’ve got lots of Miss Aitkin work that can be completed online, but for some of it I really have to be in town. I can’t really complain when I have a view like this to visit.

gull dam brewery

Last weekend I was in St. Paul, and yet still managed to spend my Friday night talking about home/Nisswa area. Turns out my dinner companion and I were both at the Gull Dam Brewery opening Oktoberfest party. There’s now a 4th brewery open in the area and I’ve got to make my way there eventually.

What was your June like?

Are you ready for the 4th?!


  1. The picture of the dock/lake is stunning! There’s just nothing like that view! I enjoyed peony season and got 2 bouquets of them from Phil’s mom as she has some in her backyard. I love fresh flowers, and it’s extra great when they are free! June was a good month for me as I was much more mobile and able to add more activities each week. The month really flew by even though we were only gone one weekend.

    I’m struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s the 4th this weekend! We are having some friends over for a BBQ on Sunday so I’m so focused on that that we haven’t really figured out what we will do on the 4th! But we’ll come up with something. I’m really excited to have all of next week off, though!!

  2. Totally not ready for it to be July! It feels like summer just started and I haven’t been to the beach yet and only down to the lake once! Gah! Have fun this weekend and see you soon!

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