Officer’s Down 5k – Aitkin

Aitkin, Minnesota is a town of less than 2,000, its a one-stoplight county, with a whole lot of heart. You may remember my post from October, 2015, Aitkin, Always. This weekend the community came together to participate in the Officer’s Down 5k, and it was such a well run event!

aitkin water tower minnesota

I didn’t realize packet pickup was available Saturday morning, so I drove up as quick as I could on Friday, and managed to stop at the 40 Club to say hi to some friends. Saturday morning I was up early to drop my car off for a little maintenance, and then waiting for the run to start.

aitkin police department 5k

The 10 am start time meant for some warm weather, which I definitely wasn’t ready for. I gave myself a 45 minute goal (which is not speedy by any means) but I didn’t know if I would want to run the course, or walk and soak it in. I ended up near a triathlon friend, so I chatted with her about her upcoming marathon. It was a great way to distract myself from my lack of training. I ended up finishing in 39 minutes, which felt great. I saw friends at the finish, walked the course backwards to find some others, and then celebrated with lunch, once again at the 40 club!

I love being home, its looking like I’ll be home most weekends in the summer, which I am 100% okay with (although the traffic is another story). Here are a few other posts on Aitkin that I’ve written in the past…

3 Years of Hometown Life and My Own Everafter.


  1. Sounds like a fun race. And how great that it’s something that the whole community comes out for!

    I wish I had more tolerance for the drive up north. But I just can’t handle the traffic! So I only make it up to my parents lake home on Battle Lake about once a month. I used to go 2-3 times a month when I was younger!

    1. I’m definitely learning to deal with the traffic… I found a backroad option that isn’t quite as direct for the 2nd half of the drive, but it is actual driving and not sitting in traffic, so its worth it!

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