Don’t Wait, Create.

The passing of Prince has been more significant to me than I thought it would be. I definitely enjoyed his music, but as more opportunities to remember his life and creative works arise, the more I want to attend.

Thursday I had tickets to Amy Schumer, who put on a great show. Many people warned me that her comedy is very crass/dirty. Maybe my barometer for dirty is too low, I wasn’t really shocked by any of the content.

First Avenue Prince Memorial

As the show ended I followed the crowd leaving the Target Center, only to realize we were never getting a cab, the street was shut down for those honoring Prince at First Avenue.

In the crowd I saw a woman sobbing, a man rolling a joint, everyone taking photos to commemorate, and the social media sharing as been overwhelming. I’m thinking Apple should be releasing a Prince symbol emoji since they are getting so much free advertising from photographs. (and yes I did take my photo on an iPhone 6).

Prince was the ultimate example of creativity, pushing the envelope, doing what he wanted and not considering consequences. I wouldn’t have gone to First Ave on my own, the crowd isn’t really my thing, but the opportunity was there, so I took it. (and I’m typing this on Saturday morning, I’m debating going to the Purple Rain movie showing tonight, but again, the crowds, I just haven’t quite committed.)

Do you consider yourself creative? If not, do you want to be?

And…..what are your thoughts on Prince? Always a fan? Annoyed that its all anyone can talk about? Hasn’t really affected/effected you? (Feel free to teach me the difference between those two words, I NEVER know which one to use).

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