Wait, Walk

For the third year in a row I’ve chosen one word for the year. This year’s word is “wait” and the intention is that each Sunday morning I’ll post about how I’m using that word in my life.

Walk Lake Calhoun

In previous years I used photos that I found on Pinterest, however this year I decided to use my own photos. Also this year I no longer work for a company with no computer rules. I can’t type up posts mid-week when the work is slow. Instead I have to write on my nights and weekends like everyone else.

But nights and weekends also require workouts, cooking, time with friends, and all of that. Yesterday I typed up one post for next week, that really should have gone up 2 weeks ago. And this morning I’m finally writing 2 hours after I would have liked this posted.

And more closely related to this photo, I took a long walk yesterday. For locals, I walked Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. The path was treacherous at times with the puddles, ice, and mud. But getting outside and enjoying fresh air was an important way to recharge.

What changes have you made in the last year?

Were you able to enjoy warmer weather this weekend?


  1. We didn’t spend much time outdoors this weekend as we spent a lot of time in the car driving to and from my parents and then when we were at the lake we were mostly indoors. We did go out to my dad’s ice house for about an hour to ice fish but it was such a slushy mess as there was about 4″ of water on top of the ice! I’m so frustrated that I’m having some leg pain right now as this is a great time to be outdoors running. Hopefully my appointment goes well tomorrow and the PT can figure out what is going on so I can get back to running soon as I really miss it. 😦

    1. I hope you’re finding some answers! for me, biking and yoga were the best cross training. Swimming is also good, but I hate the smell of chlorine.

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