Wait: Go Again

I never posted on Sunday….but I had the post written in my head! …which doesn’t count, but better late than never!

Wait Dance AgainOver the weekend I had the pleasure of watching the Aitkin All Starz compete at the State Dance Tournament. Throughout the weekend I was reminded of the numerous things the girls must overcome to make it to the state floor.

They have to make the team, they have to perfect the skills, they have to build the stamina, work together, and proceed through the section tournament. Once they get to state they perform at prelims. And for half the teams, the season is over. For the other six teams, they must dance again to determine the final rankings. Each dance of the day is judged independently. If you have a beautiful prelims performance, and have issues during finals, the score is not averaged. You have to dance well to proceed to finals, and you have to dance well again. And then that’s it. There is no third try.

And the girls did. They danced the finals performance beautifully. But a lot had to be overcome. They had to do the dance again. and again. and again. Dances during the season probably didn’t go well. And even those who weren’t able to proceed to state, or past the prelim stage, they still overcame. They had to do things again and again and again. Until it was over.

For dance it is easier because you know when the season is over. But in so many things you don’t know when it will be the last time you get to try. So if you get the opportunity to try something again…. Go again.


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