Imperfect Progress

Woah friends. Working five days a week is tough stuff! I didn’t take much time off over the holidays, but I sure enjoyed the long weekend over New Years! I’m not one to post “what I got for Christmas” photos. But I did get a fitbit! I’m 8 days into wearing it, and 8 for 8 on getting 10k steps per day!

Slippery Snow WalkWalking along during a little snowfall, I definitely had some slips with covered ice. And I’ve had other slips in my New Years Resolutions. I want 100 yoga classes for the year, but what I really want is to make yoga a twice per week habit. And then I skipped yoga yesterday morning. For no real good reason. My alarm went off, and I didn’t get out of bed. I knew I wasn’t going to get quality sleep, but I still rolled over and attempted.

St. Paul Christmas LightsI told myself I’d go to a yoga class after work. I was done at 8 pm, and there were 8:30 and 8:45 options. But on the drive home I talked myself out of it. I hadn’t gotten my steps for the day, and I hadn’t eaten dinner. So I compromised. I kept my steps resolution. I walked and continued to enjoy the scenery. I’m going to be very disappointed when Christmas lights start coming down.

So if you’ve already thrown out your resolution, or if you haven’t started and think it’s too late. Release that. Do what you can, with what you have. I may have skipped my 6 am workout Thursday morning, but that doesn’t mean I’ll skip every Thursday morning workout for the rest of the year.

What are you making progress on?


  1. Great encouragement not to get frustrated with our NY Resolutions yet. Sometimes you just need sleep:) One of my goals is to get really good at Microsoft Excel. My workbook’s coming today.

  2. I think it’s so common to let little slip up throw us off so it’s important to just start fresh every day or week and do what you can to progress toward achieving your goals. I was sick this week so my workouts weren’t what I wanted them to be but I did good with my eating, for the most part. It’s all about balance, I guess!

    I bet you will easily catch up on your yoga class goal and hit 100 for the year!

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