2015: Year in Review

Buckle up for a long one. If we met at some point this year you’ll learn a lot more about me from this post. Each link is to a post from 2015. While the year had ups and downs (not as many as 2014 thankfully) it amazes me how much I was able to fit into the year. I’m glad I went on so many trips, because the next couple years are going to be much lighter for extended travel.

indoor triathlon bike

I’m hoping to participate in some indoor triathlon‘s this winter again! However I think they might have to be made up on the fly at St. Kate’s instead of the Brainerd YMCA organized events.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon might go down in the books as my favorite vacation ever. Good friends and good times. My hope is to register for the Tinkerbell half to run in 2017, but depending on MBA classes, I might have to wait for 2018, which would also be when I’m 30…..woah.

Pirates of the Carribean

In March I had a free trial of Class Pass, it was during the trial that I started thinking about what area of the Twin Cities I would want to live in.

Lilly for Target released in April, and I was the first person in line at the Brainerd Target, and I still didn’t get everything I wanted. But the dresses I got were great additions to my closet for spring and summer.

In May I traveled to NYC with my mom and brother. We ate a lot of pizza, and explored as much of the city as we could. Each time I go to NYC I love it a little bit more.

Aladdin on Broadway

Networking was very important all year. I knew I was going to be job searching, and while it isn’t my favorite thing, I don’t hate it.

July brought my trip to Chile and Bolivia with my aunt and cousin. I was sick for the majority of the trip, but I still enjoyed my time!

Copacabana, Bolivia

I didn’t train as much as I should have…but I managed to complete the Superior Man 41.5 Triathlon. I haven’t decided if I will go for the 70.3 distance, or if I will work on improving my 41.5 time.

I shared a day in the life of my new job, and living with grandma and grandpa. Also, at the time I was in training, and now I’m a fully trained member of the team!

2015 was such a year of change, and the MBA program at St. Kates was a large part of that. I have officially completed two classes, and will hopefully be done in two years!

Maple Island Brewing Selfie

I haven’t shared much about my dating life, but I have stuck my toe in the water, and you might get a “worst of” recap soon.

And finally, I wrote all year about “Chance” and I’m sad to report that I don’t have a word for 2016 at this point. But I do have an idea for my Sunday posts.

What was your favorite thing about 2015? Do you have a resolution or word for 2016?



  1. It looks like you had a pretty good year with lots going on – I’m so glad we had a chance to meet this year, I hope we have a chance to see each other in 2016 as well!

  2. I have always believed in New Year’s resolutions because I feel we all have things to improve on. I usually make ones that are very reasonable. Last year it was that I was not going to buy any new clothes and wear what was in my already stuffed closet. I did not keep it entirely but did a fairly good job as I got rid of plenty and added very little. Another year I tried to complement people more. Sometimes you think nice things but never verbalize them. One other year I pledged to drink more water…….I did really well on that one! This year I’m going to try to laugh more. My Facebook friends have helped me with this one and I hope they continue posting some really funny things for me to read. I also need to spend more time with the funniest people in my life! Happy 2016 Katie!

  3. You did fit in a lot of travels and adventures in 2015, and dealt with a lot of change! It’s tough to pick a favorite thing about 2015 – but if I had to choose I’d say all the travel I did, which was all small long-weekend trips. I don’t make resolutions as I prefer the word ‘goals’ and I will be sharing mine after the new year!

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