Your Opinion Please….Bedding!

You may remember last year when I needed your help on what dress to wear as a personal attendant. This year I’m asking for your opinion on new bedding!

Kate Spade Bedding

I am so excited to move into my own space! My landlord cleaned and updated everything before I moved it, and with this fresh start, are a few new things.

Bed Bath and Beyond

It’s no secret blue is my favorite color. And I’m 99.9% sure that I want Navy bedding. I think it will pop, while staying fresh.

Navy and Yellow Bedding

I love the idea of having yellow be my complimentary color, but I might do that with a rug…

Navy and White Bedding

And these can all be found on Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because I have a 20% off coupon there.

Trina Turk

Sooo…Which one would you choose?



  1. I like the scale of the one that is accented with the most yellow. Yellow is a HAPPY color and looks so good with navy.

  2. I’m here to tell you where to buy sheets. Land’s End. You’ll spend close to $200 but it will be SOOOO worth it. Their customer service is amazing, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a luxurious dreamy cloud. I’m OVER The Company Store and shitty, cheap sheets. I spend plenty of time in bed, so my bed deserves it. You deserve it, too 😉

  3. I love 2 and 4, the seem more classic and less trendy! Check Macy’s too, we found their high end Hotel line on super clearance and it’s blue with tan and brown. Love it!

    1. Hooray!!! Honestly that’s the one I think I’m going with, mainly because I think the yellow rug I want will have a geometric pattern.

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