Chance Chat #38: New Day, New Thoughts

I love a good schedule. If I could fill each day with plans to see a different friend, I’d be a happy camper.

new strengths new thoughts

But my current schedule does not allow that reality. Instead I have to acknowledge all the things I want to do, and weigh them with the things I need to do. I need to prioritize homework, and healthy eating (which usually means healthy cooking, which usually means buying real ingredients, and using them) and working out.

I have a some prior commitments that cannot be altered, and I committed to them because they are important to me. But I am also trying to NOT sign up for more activities right now. My new thing is saying “that sounds like fun, not sure if I’ll be able to go”. Because it usually does sound like fun, and while I might have my schedule open, I also need to allow flexibility in my schedule.

If every single day has something scheduled, I can’t allow fun things to pop up. So I have to take a chance, and allow for some open calendar days. It might mean missing out on a few scheduled opportunities, but it also might open me up for some last minute opportunities.

Do you like to know what the coming days will bring with a good schedule?

Or do you like the mystery of a new day and no plans?

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  1. I am definitely more a planner and don’t really leave a lot of days open for spontaneous plans. I am trying to keep more days open going forward for my own sanity because I keep saying yes to things that I am interested in doing, but I say yes to too many things and exhaust myself!

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