Day in the Life: New Job!!

I’m still new to my job, and will be considered new for quite a while….but I thought I’d share a little of what my routine looks like these days!

6:00 am – Alarm goes off! Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast. Possibly blowdry/straighten hair. The first week I straightened my hair and wore makeup each day, and then I stopped. While I like doing all the beauty stuff every now and then, its not fun when it’s every day. Breakfast is usually trader joe’s cold brew, with peanut butter toast, or yogurt and granola.

Trader Joe's Cold Brew Ball Jar

7:20 am – Drive to Work! I could maybe leave at 7:30, but if there is an accident or traffic I would cut it super close, so for now I just enjoy getting to work a few minutes early.

8 am – noon: Classroom time! I know this will change, but we typically go over what we finished with the day before, and then start to learn a new aspect of the job.

not a food blogger

Noon – 1 pm: Lunch break! I typically pack a lunch, eat it quick, then go for a short walk around the buildings. There is a nice path down the road, but then I wouldn’t have time to eat. (also, I’m not a food blogger, hence my super basic photo)

1 pm – 5 pm: More Classroom time! If we’ve learned a new skill in the morning we practice that, otherwise we’re probably learning something new in the afternoon.

Edina Park

5 pm – 7 pm: Workout! Or Walk…or Errands. I don’t want to workout from 5 am to 6 am, so for now I’m trying to do it before I go home for the night. Right now I’m referring to “home” as my grandparents house. I also want to make sure I’m eating dinner with them, and spending some quality time together. They are huge Twins’ Baseball fans, so we are watching a lot of games.

pork sriracha dinner

This night’s dinner was pork tenderloin, rice, green beans, and a healthy serving of sriracha. It’s been so wonderful spending time with my grandparents, and less stressful than attempting to figure out my living situation immediately. I do have a studio apartment secured, and I think I’ll be actually staying there by mid-October.

How quickly have you moved from one place to the next? Same day? Over the course of a weekend? Or over the course of a month like I am? (which seems unlikely, but if you’ve done it, tell me about it!)


  1. I am glad to find another peanut butter toast for breakfast person! Jif crunchy for me! Your work routine sounds a lot like many jobs of mine. I think most of my moves have been over several weeks, and up to a month. When you have a temporary landing pad, it makes the transition so much less stressful!

  2. Our new job lives sound eerily similar. Minus you’ve been much more motivated to work out after work (massive props to you) that long commute has been killing me. I need to find a place closer.

    1. To be fair…this week I’m only getting a workout on Thursday. But the first two weeks I was on top of it.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of training! But that is great that you are getting a proper training for what you are doing. I feel like so many of my jobs have been ‘on the job’ training which is ok usually but sometimes I wished it was more formalized. That is great that you’ve been able to stay with your grandparents for awhile!

    Most of my moves have been over the course of the day. The exception was when I bought a condo and had an overlap between my apt and condo for a month, so I spent a couple of weeks painting and brought a few things over, but for the most part I did the actual moving of things in one day. I prefer to get it over with in a solid block of time versus dragging it out, mostly because I HATE moving!

  4. I’m so happy you found a job & are getting back into a routine. You are amazing with your routine & always finding time to work out–I admire you so much! Congrats again!

    1. Well thank you!!! Honestly I’m not loving my schedule so far, I’m not seeing as many friends as I’d like. But hopefully once I have my own place and am in town on the weekends I’ll find a better balance.

  5. You’re life sounds a heck of a lot like mine was just a few short months ago! I really didn’t want to move into my grandparents house, and just straight into my own place, but looking back I am so glad I did. I got to spend a lot of quality time that I may have otherwise not had during those two months.

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