August 2015 Recap

Of course on Monday I wrote about my Superiorman 41.5 experience, but let’s start at the beginning of August, I shared my training this summer (aka basically not training). And how it relates to job searching. I am gainfully employed now, and made a point to share how the first week went.

1st day of work selfie

I also shared the music I listened to all summer. Previewed plenty of State Fair treats (and am still trying to figure out when I can go and get another taste)!

Minnesota State Fair Food 2015

I explained exactly what’s happened to me in the last three years, which had an outstanding 900+ views on Facebook.

Katie and John

I also updated my Networking series, with outlining some awesome local events.

And finally gave a little shout out to the first and last time I went golfing this summer. Unless I happen to do 9 holes this weekend, but I kind of doubt that. I’ll just keep the glass half full for the one time I did get on the course.

While its hard to believe that summer is over, September and October are usually my favorite months, so I’m ready for whatever they bring! What are you “looking forward” to this fall?

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