New Job Check-In

If I ever disappear from the blog for a couple days/weeks, feel free to assume its because life has gotten in the way. As I transition into a new job, I am going to be re-learning how to allocate my time. I started this blog when I had a full time job and could only write in the evenings/weekends. So I know it can be done! But I really enjoyed in my last position being able to type up a post whenever inspiration struck.

This weekend I was a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding. We had a blast on Friday hanging out at our college campus (Gustavus) and setting up the reception. We visited our favorite bars (Patrick’s and The Flame) after the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Spent all Saturday morning getting hair and makeup done for photos, and then enjoyed the ceremony, reception, and dance. This was the first wedding where I can remember wanting to cry multiple times, and laughing out loud. There was so much joy!

Sunglasses Selfie

Of course that led to staying up late, and Sunday I was super tired. It might have been overcast, but I wore my sunglasses for the drive back to the cities anyways. I went to a Candlelight yoga class that was surprisingly low key (in a really good way) cooked up Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken (gotta blog that “recipe” someday) and made a batch of Iowa Girl Eats Black Bean, Sweet Corn, Tomato, and Quinoa Burritos. Hopefully they’re good, I made up 10 of them and froze them for future lunches.

1st day of work selfie

I was in bed by 10, but didn’t sleep the greatest. Morning came and it was time to drive to work! The first day went well, lots of policies and procedures. I’m grateful that the company has an extended training program, so I don’t feel rushed/overwhelmed.

Grandma Flowers


I was supposed to tour an apartment, but that got pushed to later in the week. Instead I took a C2 class at Corepower before going back to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. They were very interested in the orange chicken, so we ate that with cashews (which were a fabulous addition) sprinkled on top. I’m glad for my first few weeks I’ll be staying with them and have kind loving people to come home to and share about my day.

So there’s a long winded “what I’ve been up to”. I’m curious what you’re up to this week! Are you soaking up summer activities before Labor Day?

Or, are you looking forward to some big changes this fall?


  1. That is great that you are able to stay with your grandma and grandpa for a couple of weeks until you settle into something permanent. And I bet they LOVE having you around! I am glad that your first day went well! I know what it’s like to start a new job since I just started mine about 6 weeks ago! There is always so much to absorb in the beginning and my head was definitely spinning those first few weeks (and still is some days!)!

    Sounds like a super fun weekend! I bet it was neat to be back on your college campus! That’s where Phil went and most of his friends that we spend time with went there too so I get to hear all about how much they loved Gustavus. 🙂

    I’m trying to soak up as much summer activities as I can before Labor day but I sure wish the weather would cooperate. I do not like this fall-like weather as I’m not ready for summer to end yet! We had our last cabin weekend last weekend which bummed me out as I was only up there 3 times this summer!

    1. Last cabin weekend already?! What a bummer! I love how our lives have seemed to overlap with different themes, when things settle down we really need to meet up. This cold weather is super bumming me out as I had to pack my clothes for until Labor Day weekend, and I assumed it would be warm! Thankfully I’ll see my mom this weekend, so she might have to grab a few jackets out of my closet!

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