Networking: Local Events

I’m not a fan of events that are specifically for jobseekers or networking. I find that the conversation is stilted and the atmosphere is less fun. I’d much rather go to an industry event and chat with people. The organizations I’ve listed are marketing based, but each industry has their own set of organizations you can be a part of.

Do Your Homework: There are plenty of networking opportunities. Some are free, and there are plenty that ask $10-$40 per event, sometimes more. Use your time and money wisely.

Chamber of Commerce: Old School, but still effective. In my small town our Chamber is fantastic, but if they aren’t hosting the type of events you are interested in, suggest them! Offer to help organize the type of event you want to see. Fresh ideas and new talent are almost always welcomed.

Social Media Breakfast: My favorite event. I love that I can see some awesome people, and learn about a new topic each month. The timing of events for Friday mornings probably won’t work for my next job. But I have been so thankful this spring and summer to be able to attend and connect with more people.

Social Media Breakfast MSP selfie

Photo from SemiHealthNut!

Minnesota Bloggers Conference: Tickets went on sale Monday!!! I have loved each time I have attended this event and while it isn’t free this year, I am more than happy to spend $20 for a day full of learning. Here is my recap from last year.

Minnesota Bloggers Conference

Creative Mornings: I haven’t been able to attend an event yet, but its on my to-do list!

Minneapolis is a city of warm summers, freezing winters and a lake at every turn of the corner. We have a bustling creative community and want to strengthen our relationships and potential by sharing what we do with each other.

Mima: Has a ton of events throughout the year, I’m not a member yet. But depending on what company I end up with, I hope to be able to join.

Adfed: What I love about this group is they offer a student membership! And I’ve already used their job board to apply for a few jobs that I didn’t see posted anywhere else!

Dress Code: Varies! If I don’t have friends going to an event I have asked the organizers. Each industry is going to be different, but with creatives you can get away with jeans. Personally I feel most comfortable in a dress, but that’s just me!


P.S. Wondering what you should say when you’re there? Read “the conversation” here!


  1. What a great list Katie! I really wish that I could go to more social media breakfasts but I don’t know if I can get work off. I went to Creative Morning but didn’t like as much as SMB (not enough live tweeting!) Can’t wait to see you at the conference but hopefully sooner!

    1. Well I’m glad you came over and checked out the options! The variety of groups and activities in the area is one of the many reasons why I love the twin cities!

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